• Missing persons / Locatingpeople  

Skip-Tracing, Lost Loves & Friends, Biological Parents & Relatives, Adoptees; we will help you find them.
Not only with our head office’s central information department that holds large varieties of datas, but our nation wide 124 branches that are connected through intranet enables a faster procedure in finding the missing person(s).
We are proud to say that there are no other private investigating agencies that hold this network system.

  • Marriage / Personal Affairs

We will investigate one’s personal background, the actual living conditions, and personal affairs both officially and privately.

  • Preventing Espionage

We have reinforced investigation networks and global structures throughout the world especially southeast Asia, Korea, Europe, and Oceania for further correspondence to any request to solve whatever matters you have; 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. Our quality work of investigation proves we are the No. 1 Private Investigating Company in the detective industry.   Any request of investigation, please contact us and leave all the work to Galu Agency Tokyo West!

  • Surveillance (Activity-check Investigation)

Photo taking, VTR and voice recording may be recorded in 24-hour bases if requested.
With this type of hidden monitoring investigation, we have developed many scientific types of equipments to investigate cases like; sexual harassment, criminal acts within the company…etc.
Especially for marital infidelity or adultery investigation, if you have suspicions about your spouse, you need evidence to support your claim of adultery in a divorce proceeding (i.e. one’s financial standings, bank balance for distribution of property), or to simply confront your spouse and seek reconciliation, nothing will replace the truth.

  • Bugging / Bug Sweep Detection

To protect our private life and nasty bugging measures can only be depended on how frequent we run a bug test. Our company utilizes an expensive high-tech professional sweeping devices, so we may detect any advanced bugs and protect your personal life and security concerns.
Please be aware that those amateur sweeping kit sold in the market nowadays nearly does its job.

  • Personal Safety Measures

This content may be unfamiliar in Japan; however, stalker-like abnormal behaviorism is often reported these recent days.
Our well-trained private detectives are standing by to protect you from any suspicious stalkers, and we may alert you ahead of time to protect your maximum safety.

  • Special Investigation

Any investigation other than above, or should any contents overlap with others; such as, A Follow-up Survey, Alibi Investigation, Bullying and its Settlement, Undercover Investigation, Criminal Investigation…etc, any case that holds a peculiar investigation we call it a “Special Investigation”.
Please feel free to reveal any of your problems, we are here for you!

Our quality work of investigation proves we are the top of Private Investigating Company in the detective industry in Japan.   Any request of investigation, please contact us and leave all the work to Galu Agency Tokyo West!


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